Other Projects

Other Projects

"Training and Employment: the end of social exclusion"

May 2013. Project funded by PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation (PwC Foundation) in order to provide an opportunity for 15 women at serious risk or social exclusion (women trafficked and prostituted women unshared family, women victims of domestic violence ...) the necessary tools to enable them restructuring their scheme in the world and prepare them to develop their full potential and thus to successfully finding a job that allows them to change the course of their lives, leaving behind their past of exclusion and marginalization.

"Building a Future: Careers for women victims of gender violence"

October 2012.   Integra has signed a collaboration agreement with Fundación La Caixa (www.fundaciolacaixa.es) which will be help by the Convocatoria 2012 del Proyectos de Inserción Sociolaboral, to develop a project, for a year duration, of supporting and workplace integration of women victims of gender violence.

The main goal of the project is to meet 60 women victims of domestic violence, providing them with personal tools and train them in social and labour skills for job search, thus helping to restore their dignity, self-esteem and confidence in themselves. In addition, this program aims to achieve the employment of 25% of participants.

PROGRAM INCORPORA of “La Caixa” Foundation

September 2012. Fundación Integra has signed with "la Caixa" Foundation joining the INCORPORA program of "la Caixa", which aims to facilitate access to the labour world to especially fragile people or at risk of social exclusion and disability, using a methodology, a tool and a financial contribution and active non-profit entities that directly affect the achievement of this goal. Integra, with 24 additional entities, has signed this partnership agreement.

Training in New Technologies for vulnerable women

July 2012. Cooperation agreement signed between Fundación Integra, BT and the Community of Madrid to promote the employment of women at vulnerability through training in new technologies. The agreement includes the development of a program of new communication technologies to facilitate the employment of participants in classroom training and computer-enabled hardware and computer equipment for the BT Foundation, who will also facilitate the participation of volunteers to provide formations in new technologies.

"A new job. A New Life"

July 2012. Barclays Foundation funded project which will serve 90 youth at risk. The actions that will be developed are: design tailor-made itineraries insertion, supply to the 90 young people with the necessary tools and skills to successfully pass a screening process, support to participants in the process of actively seeking employment in the labour market by monitoring and personalized tutoring in order to achieve the inclusion of 23 participants in the program.

 "Finding talent: Labour Integration Coaching techniques and Comprehensive Training for women in situations of exclusion"

Project funded by La Caixa, which provided to 70 women victims of domestic violence, in Madrid and Barcelona, ??the necessary tools for finding a job through the Employment Training Partner skills and the provision of individual coaching sessions.

"Talent rescuing people with different capabilities"

Developed through the collaboration of the Marcelino Botin Foundation, in which we have attended 410 people with disabilities of all cities where the  Integra works, having achieved the employment of 73 of them in ordinary companies, while having raised awareness of the business community about the recruitment of this group.

"Finding talent: Training and Coaching for Job placement of the most excluded people"

Project also funded by the Marcelino Botin Foundation, developed in cities where the Fundación Integra operates, which have treated 112 people experiencing exclusion, given individual coaching sessions and job placement achieved for 35 of these people .

 "Saving Lives through Employment"

Project funded by Barclays, whose goal is the care and training of 100 people in situations of exclusion in Barcelona, ??Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca.

 "Training + Coaching = Jobs"

Project developed in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia with the funding of Caja Madrid in which we worked with 36 people from different groups of exclusion and having achieved 15 jobs for these people in ordinary companies.

"Fighting against exclusion"

In collaboration with Bank of New York Mellon, we have developed two projects in which we have achieved a standard employment for 7 people socially excluded.

"Preparing for employment"

Thanks to the collaboration of Factory we have provided our candidates suitable clothing for participation in the various selection processes in which they participated.

"Training for Integration"

Developed jointly with the collaboration of Telemadrid, we worked with 10 people with criminal records, providing adequate preparation to face the labour world.

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